When we receive the customer’s order, our vendors immediately process the order without any delay. Our packaging is the most sophisticated there is, we carefully pack the products to avoid any kinds of damage during shipments. Our tie ups with multiple shipping companies makes it easy to deliver the products within 3-5 business days in all over India after customer makes the purchase.

We operate mainly from Pune, Maharashtra so the customers from this area will discover lightning fast deliveries as they are most likely to receive their product within a day or two.

Shipping details: we ship all over India, your product will usually be delivered to you within a week, we inform you all the details regarding your product’s shipping status until it’s delivered to you successfully.

Shipping partners: We ship our products through fastest shipping methods available, multiple shipping companies such as FedX, gati, dhelivery and many more through shiprocket shipping platform.

About the prices: you will not be charged shipping two times if you buy two items within a same order, for example- if you buy one balloon kit worth 50+30(shipping), if you buy 5 balloon kits worth 250+30(your shipping will not increase), additionally if you buy products worth or more than Rs.500 your shipping is absolutely free.

Free shipping: we offer free shipping on a lot of our products, if the customer’s order is above Rs.500 your shipment is free.

However it’s rare but there might be some heavy products or products with huge volumetric weight, in such cases only minimal shipment will be charged even after the product’s worth is Rs.500 or more, but in all other cases it’s a free delivery.

Most of our products are light weight and are eligible for free delivery on purchase of INR.500, there are also some products which will avail you a free delivery individually even if your purchase is less than 500.

Our prime focus is to provide fast deliveries and best shipment of products to our customers so that they receive their products faster than any other platform.